To truly take your event to the next level, we can bring our donut bar to you, wowing your guests with a sweet treat experience to remember.

Who are we?

Treats Club is a premium dessert bar specialising in hot donuts + ice cream in summer and hot donuts + hot chocolate in winter. Female owned and run by black girl magic, we're building a brand which focuses on quality over everything. Launched in November 2018 at Chatsworth Road Market, we've been bringing Londoners joy with our donuts and desserts ever since.

What makes us special?

Our motto is "handmade always". Everything is handmade and created in house - from our jams and sauces to our marshmallow fluff and honeycomb.

Creating one-of-a-kind hot donuts that we make on the spot right in front of you and your guests, our donut experience is unlike anything you will find anywhere else in the UK. With a ‘make your own donut’ option, where guests get to fully customise their own hot donut, we truly aim to make every interaction memorable and fun.


A dream dessert experience awaits you




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What’s so special about our donuts, you ask? Well, we fry these bad boys right in front of you and your guests/team, so they are the freshest donuts in town. Even more, we have fully customisable flavours including a fully vegan donut bar option with incredible flavours like “The Big Biscoff” and “Vanilla + Oreo Crunch”.


Let us personalise your dessert bar to perfectly suit your needs. Branded drinks cups for our hot chocolate bar? No problem. Fully customisable donut glaze in your brand colours? We got it. In fact, you can make the following items personal to your event:

  • Hot Drinks cups fully customised with your branding

  • Donut Glazes in your brand/event colours

  • Custom donut shapes to suit a special theme (flamingo shaped donuts anyone?)*

  • Letter Donuts to spell your brand name*

  • Design your own menu with custom flavours and even choose names that suit the theme of your event. See more below in the “what’s your flavour” section.


The fun part… the flavours!

From Biscoff Brownie to No-tella + Oreo S’mores we have a menu that will suit all taste buds. At your event? We provide you with 3 hot ring donut flavours or 2 hot donut bite sundae flavours to choose from.

Whats even better, we can help you create your own custom menu for your event, with custom donut flavours completely unique to you. We can even create you your own toppings, as well as custom names for each donut flavour you create! Want to name a donut after your brands fragrance launch? No problem. And we’ll even print it on a menu board for all of your guests to see.


Since our business launched in 2018 we’ve never used plastic packaging and cutlery and we never will. Full stop. However, our commitment to sustainability starts way before you take your first bite, it goes all the way into our kitchen where we use the best ingredients from palm oil free ‘nutella’ (which we name no-tella), to organic vanilla and free range eggs. And for our plant based friends, well 50% of our menu is vegan too!

All our packaging is bio-degradable and we use only wooden cutlery and paper bags to give you complete peace of mind that we care not only about what you eat, but what happens after you do!

frequently asked questions

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What are the types of dessert bar you offer?

  • Freshly made cold donut bar

    These can be customised as filled donuts, letter donuts or as ring donuts in any colour imaginable. Our menu of handmade donuts are prepped fresh off site and brought to the event in large trays to serve. *No power required.

  • Hot Donut Bar

    This contains either 3 flavours of hot ring donuts or 2 flavours of hot donut bite sundaes which are cooked to order on site with 2 sauces and up to 6 toppings. Both desserts come with the option to add torched marshmallow fluff. *Please note, power is required for this setup. Full vegan menu is available too.

  • Luxe Hot Chocolate bar

    The hot chocolate bar comes with up to 2 flavours of hot chocolate topped with torched marshmallow fluff and sauces. *Please note power

  • is required on site and this option can be made alcoholic.

How much do the dessert pop-ups cost?

  • Cold Donut Bar

    prices start from £250 for 50 people.

  • Hot Ring Donut Bar

    prices start from £300 for 50 people.

  • Hot Donut Bite Sundaes

    prices start from £400 for 50 people.

  • Hot Chocolate Bar

    prices start from £400 for 50 people.

What do we get for this price?

Staff to serve and make the desserts, branding, customisation, all packaging, cutlery, the desserts, toppings and of course the best dessert experience in town!


What kind of setup do you bring?

Either a 1.8m branded table setup or our pink 1.1m treats club counter setup. It’s up to you. We can also setup indoor or outdoor to suit all types of events.

How long does it take you to setup?

It takes us roughly 45m-1hr to setup once we’re on site and all we require is space and power.

How much space do you need on site?

It’s amazing what we can do in even the smallest of spaces! For an indoor setup, all we need is 1.8mx 1m of space and 1 power outlet.

For an outdoor setup, we require a 3mx3m space and power is prefered, but we have a setup that doesn’t require power too.

How many donuts can you make?

Per hour we can make up to 60 hot donuts. This is just with two fryers. With more fryers we can accommodate even more servings

How many hours will you be cooking up desserts for?

It normally takes around 2-3hrs per pop-up depending on the number of people you book for.

How quickly can you make a dessert pop-up happen?

We need at least 7 days notice for all pop-ups. We can fully brand and customise all items with at least a 7 day timeframe.

How can I put forward an order?

Use our contact form here, or e-mail with your request and don’t forget to look at our events pack.