The Story

On a sunny day in Dubai (which could be one of 300 days, but you see where I'm going with this), I was fulfilling my baking obsession again with a batch of my salted caramel brownies when I made a massive decision.... I wanted to bring joy to people in a way that I have always loved, by cooking! My cakes had become legendary among my friends and housemates and I realized I could be bringing this joy to others too. Thus, the Wonder Treats Club was born. 

Having worked for 8 years as a makeup artist and a closet interior designer (definitely on my list of "occupations I would love to do"), my love for art is what compelled me to want to create something special and unique when it comes to the sweet treat world. Cakes are everywhere, art is everywhere, fun is everywhere... I felt I needed to do something to combine the 3 things. 

All my cake recipes and designs are created by me, with hours of tasting tests behind each one before I add it to my menu. My skills are all self-taught and every inch of passion I have goes into every treat I make. When I think of the beauty of cooking for people... the best meals I have ever had have come from someones passion for combining the freshest highest quality ingredients with a meticulous attention to detail - a formula which has never failed me. 

So, I hope you enjoy your first taste of WTC and that my treats bring you as much joy when you eat them, as I get when I make them. 

Sugar Kisses,